Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to avoid snake attack?

We would like to tell something about to avoid snake attack and we share this opportunity to make it useful for you.  In my village we have found more snakes like Sarapambu, Nalla Pambu, Kattu viriyan, Kannadi Viriyan and many but still I need to explain about all the snakes.

If you find Green Snake only attack to your eyes because they should have sharp eyes to see your eyes then attach it.  Green Snake is called Komberimookan which is having several size and big size is called Komberimookan.  It is like a Mountain Snake or Ankonda.

Sara Snake attack by its tail because it has the poison in the tail.  So we should avoid this attack from the tail by Sara Snake.  Nalla Snake will attack by its bite and you should avoid to near by its head side. So please take a stick to control the snakes first then you can make it control by yourself.

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